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In this book, a commodity trader turned financial-fraud hunter combines provocative thought experiments with examples of true crime in American history. Readers are shocked and intrigued when they learn how suppressed truths drive world-changing events. Examples include:

• Thanksgiving traditions

• The Vietnam War

• Watergate

• The Great Recession

• Suppression of the Civil Rights Movement

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Overview and Contents

This book is divided into three sections.

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Section 1 (Chapters 1–4)

Section 1 (Chapters 1–4) begins by providing a foundational understanding of global and cross-culturally accepted standards for moral behavior in Chapter 1. It is this core standard that people evade through specious claims that omission is not a means of lying. Chapter 2 demonstrates the underlying techniques by which lies of omission are perpetrated. Chapters 3 and 4 expand on the theoretical examples and principles from Chapter 2 by demonstrating that we are all vulnerable to self-victimization via omission.

Section 1
Lies and Omissions, a Foundation

1 - Ethics of Reciprocity
2 - You Don’t Say: What Invisible Lies Look Like
3 - Accomplice by Omission: When Is Amoral Immoral?
4 - The Dark Art of Self-Sabotage
Section 2 (Chapters 5–9)

Section 2 (Chapters 5–9) uses the principles demonstrated in Section 1 to expose how cultural and historical events have been propagandized via omission in various forms. Among those forms are media sensationalism and journalistic bullying, as well as academic laziness and indifference. Though the examples are all based on US history, the principles and processes that we will examine occur globally. In coming to understand these principles, rather than the specific and interesting examples themselves, you will develop more discerning “eyes” regarding how the media, academia, and tradition indoctrinate the well-intending but unwitting masses.

Section 2
Historically Missed Speaking: Omission as a Means of Propaganda

5 - A Convenient Thanksgiving: We’ll Give Thanks, When We Get around to It
6 - Did Omissions Make the Sixties?
7 - Before Dr. King and Rosa Parks, Who Else?
8 - Not-So-Innocent Bystanders
9 - Journalistic Malfeasance: Why Murder Eye Witnesses Didn’t Call the Police
Section 3 (Chapters 10–15)

Section 3 (Chapters 10–15 and the Epilogue) provides a case study of corporate chicanery and financial frauds perpetrated by omission. In these chapters, you will have the opportunity to observe how your acuity and alertness regarding omission has developed.

Section 3
Financial Shell Games: A Somewhat Fictionalized Case Study

10 - The Predatory Veil of Neutrality
11 - Selling Lies We Don’t Tell Mom and Pop
12 - The Looking Glass Hedge
13 - EOR: Through the Looking Glass
14 - Laborless Days
15 - Jana Speaks: We Are the Lucky Ones?
16 - Epilogue: So, Omission Accomplished?

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